Ashe Oleng Wamama!

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Ashe Oleng Wamama!
Unfortunately we don’t celebrate International Women’s Day on my last day of work. So I cannot say goodbye to all women I worked with, which made we very sad and was my initial goal. At least I could say goodbye to the women of Chumvi and my favorite Maasai woman of Ngarendare. She is really special and precious to me. With my friends who came over for Xmas and Newyears, we stayed at her house. So welcoming. The moment we pick her up at her house, she gives me a letter with beautiful words and glittery decorations. Made me cry, so special. She is a real business lady and grabs every opportunity to start and grow her businesses. She recently started a hair salon. She has her own farmland and a few cows. After sharing her life story, which is cruel and harsh, she really made something out of herself. Great example of an empowered woman.

Before we start with the exchange visit, all Maasai women sit outside waiting for me. I express my gratitude to the women sitting in front of me, for the whole experience, which changed my life forever. These women are in my heart and will always be part of my life. I learned a lot, I am grateful, I see an intereseting future for these women and their beading techniques. Their skills can travel the world, when they organise themselves better, work in a team and put quality on top. I will continue fighting for them back home to make their work worthwhile and famous. They deserve it.

I am gonna miss these beautiful ladies so much. They are so sweet, lovely, nice, friendly, strong, hard working, pretty ladies! I admire them and will never forget them!


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