Beading @ Event

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Beading @ Event
The last weekend before I leave, we have a stand at the Nakumatt supermarket in Nanyuki. Initially it is to promote the Il Ngwesi lodge. We make use of this opportunity to promote the Beadwork Project and give the women a chance to sell their beadwork products. We invite one of the Maasai women, she is wearing a traditional beaded dress, so pretty. We give her the opportunity to bead on the spot, so she can go on with her order in beadwork. This is also a great attraction for the visiters of the stand, to show them in reallife how the women bead. She is finishing the order of the ‘Spin Remote’ key holders for the Dutch market.

The stand was a success, but in the end we got into conflict with the shop next door. This shop sells some of our products and at that time we discussed that we don’t sell the same products in other shops in town. Since Nanyuki is small. So we totally agreed on this. When she saw the stand, she totally disagreed, was thinking in terms of conflict of interest. She called with the directors of the Nakumatt in Nairobi and we had to remove our products. Incredible selfish. She did not even wanted to start the discussion live, sign of cowardice. She treatened us through the Nakumatt management. This is not a conflict of interest. This is purely to give the Maasai women an opportunity to sell their products and the money will go straight to the communities. I cannot imagine this lady. She does not respect the community, the handwork, the women’s income. We will never do business again with her and the MitiMayo shop in Nanyuki town, next to Nakumatt.

All over it was a great initiative to promote. We had some sales and promoted the Beadwork Project and the beautiful Il Ngwesi lodge to many visitors. Even some bookings for the lodge were made.


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