Lovely Colleagues & Friends

_IMG_0580_blog _IMG_0581_blog
Caro & Pauline (Fruits & Vegetables market ladies)
Favorite piki piki taxi Smith
Victor’s Bookshop ladies
_IMG_0595_blog Il Ngwesi colleagues!_IMG_0593_blog _IMG_0591_blog _IMG_0589_blog _IMG_0588_blog _IMG_0598_blog _IMG_0604_blog
_IMG_0634_blog_reisa _IMG_0638_blog_reisa
Friend @ Nanyuki!
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fotofeest2 _IMG_0607_blog

Goodbye party lovely colleagues & friends
My lovely friends in Nanyuki are really special to me. They made my life in Nanyuki fun and interesting. With my best friend in Nanyuki we organised a goodbye party at a Dutch farmers house, stunning place. We shop whole morning long, we make recipes, we buy goat, we cook, we boil, we create lovely salads. We buy lots of cheese and make sangria. The party is great, most of our friends came over, even my closest colleagues. We are chilling in the garden, we BBQ, we eat, share stories and dance. In the back of the pick up car we drive to town, dance in the newest club and gaze at the stars on the way back. Next day bacon and eggs with bagels, a walk through the greenhouses full of flowers. Great party! My last evening, before I really leave Nanyuki, we go for dinner to Curry Pot, an Indian restaurant, cheap, great place, good food. A lot of my friends showed up, so much fun. That is the moment we create a beach plan in April, my last weekend before I fly back. The plan will be shaped these weeks, a party weekend at the coast, look forward to this!

With my colleagues we go for lunch my last day, at an organic restaurant. Really nice place. I am surprised all my colleagues are there. They give me presents, Maasai wedding necklaces and some traditional Maasai fabric cloths for my parents. I give them the porcelain Dutch clogs. Everybody gives a speech to thank me, I thank my colleagues for everything. We have great lunch and share stories. My colleagues are wonderful people, most of them Maasai. And my closest colleagues organised this lunch, especially for me, they know I love this place. Really appreciate it.

Bye office, bye colleagues, bye Maasai women, bye friends, bye house, bye Nanyuki. It was a great beadwork experience!



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