Manual Sewing

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Manual Sewing Workshop
I miss the sound of my sewing machine and creating beautiful products with fabric behind my sewing machine. I miss the feel of fabric and to slide the fine fabric through my fingers. The sewing shop in the street where I live is a great place. Tiny place squeezed in between other small shops. Super friendly ladies, who always great me. They offered to give me a sewing lesson on the manual Singer sewing machine, after having told them that I have the same one, but never used it. So I did and it was great fun. She teached me how to use all tricks, even spinning the coil and creating letters while sewing. On every corner of the streets in Nanyuki the manual sewing machines are being used. It triggered me to get to know the skills from these professionals. These manual machines form the perfect solution in Kenya, since power is always insecure.

It was a fun experience, at least I know now how to use this manual sewing machine, which is waiting for me back home. A beaufil antique Singer sewing machine, I once got as a gift. I look forward to creating products, making use of all african fabrics I gathered during my placement in Kenya. I am thrilled to start designing again!


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