Styling @ Lodge

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Styling @ Lodge
Last update of the look and feel of the curioshop at the lodge. The cushions on the bench look great and colorful, a real asset for the shop.

I also developed a branding strategy for the lodge with two other experts. The color palette we come up with is more colorful and in harmony than it is at the moment. The colors at the moment are really basic, rustic, close to nature and wildlife. To change this, we select warm, classy colors; deep red, warm orange, classy gold, off white, gold brown. I have meetings with the sewing workplace, with whom we are going to create and organize the assortment of cushions for the rooms, the beds, the main house, the pool area. We discussed color combinations and piping. Also beading of the cushions is under discussion. With beads on fabric, it makes it more difficult to wash the fabric, too vulnerable. For now we start with the fabric only. The lady of the sewing workplace is totally prepared, she only needs to visit the lodge for final measurements to start. I look so much forward to the result. Unfortunately I won’t be there, when it will be finished.

Tribe tension
Since there was trouble in between the Il Ngwesi Maasai community and the Samburu community, about land issues and drought, it made it unsafe to travel to the lodge. The Samburu are using Il Ngwesi land for their cattle to graze, since the period of drought. The Samburu are also armed, they get this from Somalia. So definitely a no go area. Unfortunately we could not travel to the lodge in my last weeks. Also to say goodbye to the lodge staff and the lodge. I have to come back in future!


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