Women’s Day!

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Women’s Empowerment
Instead of International Women’s Day, we organise an exchange visit with the Dol-Dol Maasai women and the Chumvi community. VSO’s budget is insufficient to invite all four communities of Il Ngwesi, which is a pity. There was a whole struggle going on and in the end we decided it is unfair to just invite two communities, so we organized the exchange visit. I was dissapointed. International Women’s Day should be celebrated under every circumstance. The women are the target group of VSO and also of many donors. This day cannot pass in silence. The women should be appreciated this day for what they reached in life. They should be celebrated for their strength and power. They make most of these income generating projects happen. They are the spill in a lot of communities and bring change in their households. An important day for women to stand up for their rights and be celebrated!

The exchange visit is a secondary event this day. At least some women come together to celebrate and to exchange and empower each other. The women exchange their stories and experiences about the Micro Finance Project. The businesses they started, the way they manage savings, how they run their groups, record keeping. The women are all beautifully dressed in traditional clothing, because of the exchange visit and the special day of International Women’s Day. The vibe is great!


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