I am

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My dream came true, living and working abroad working with local communities.

I studied tourism, traveled the world, lived in Seville for a year to study Spanish, finished my Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology in Amsterdam, lived in Peru to write my thesis on community-based-tourism, had several jobs in developing work and upholstery furniture.

Looking forward to this great adventure, a new challenge in life, bringing into practice all my experiences, skills and passion, becoming part of a local community and learning to see things from within their local perspective to give more value to life, living and livelihoods.

On this blog you can read about my adventures in this beautiful country.

First day – 8th of November 2013

May your path be the sound of your feet upon the ground
Carry on – Fun
“Thanks for giving us trainers such a lovely time with you. I sincerely hope our paths may cross again some day. Speaking of paths: this song reflects quite accurately what I wish for you in living and working in all the beautiful countries that you will be going” – quoting VSO trainer Wim.

Lucy in the sky of diamonds
Beautiful fast moving sky high up in the air above Kenya, so many layers, so many colours, saw the first Kenyan sunrise out of the plane, amazing.

Crazy traffic
Peter from VSO Jitolee picked me up at the airport. In Kenya they drive on the left side of the road. It took us 1,5 hours to get to the Gracehouse Guesthouse, traffic jam all over. So many cars, almost all second handed Japanese cars, Toyota, Nissan. A lot of pollution, because of the old cars. The ones who benefit these traffic jams, are the vendors crossing the streets; selling stuff from sweets to towels, from eggs to traffic triangle signs. We bought some sweets. Many people walking in the lanes between the highway, getting their way to work. I only noticed two bicycles. And crossing these highways by foot is a great challenge, many people do.

I got a warm welcome at the Guesthouse. I met Lucy, our Kiswahili teacher, her husband Nick and Esther from the VSO headoffice. We drank some kenyan tea outside, black tea with milk and a lot of sugar, british influence. Tomorrow the VSO training will start for 5 days. Other people from all over the world are flying in today as well. Looking forward meeting all of them and start this adventure together!


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