Support the Maasai women in Kenya. Customize your bracelet and contribute to economic empowerment of this artisan community. Every purchase helps support the financial and physical security of Maasai women of the Il Ngwesi community in Kenya.

Create your own unique pair of handmade bracelets to give away at

_IMG_0019 _IMG_0020_IMG_0014 _IMG_0018_IMG_0245 _IMG_0227


Place an order
1. Choose: how many loops + what color combination + what pattern.
2. Let us know: how many pieces you need (minimum = 100) + deadline + where to ship to from Kenya.
3. The price is 5 euro for a two loop bracelet, your purchase benefits the Maasai artisans directly.
4. We will make one sample to confirm the design and ask for a 50% deposit.
5. Email to liselottevaessen [at] hotmail [dot] com


Maasai Colors
White – Yellow – Orange – Red – Green – Sky blue – Maasai blue – Black
_IMG_0019 _IMG_0065 _IMG_0016
_IMG_0003 _IMG_0068 _IMG_0014
_IMG_0006 _IMG_0066 _IMG_0012
_IMG_0001 _IMG_0056 _IMG_0048_red
_IMG_0005 _IMG_0038 _IMG_0061_green_IMG_0002 
_IMG_0034 _IMG_0013_IMG_0004  _IMG_0057 _IMG_0011_IMG_0017 _IMG_0022 _IMG_0070_black              

Shiny Colors
_IMG_0079_metallicblue -metallicblue-
_IMG_0058_metallic -metallicgrey-

_IMG_0078_shinybrown -shinybrown-
_IMG_0055_brown -midbrown-
_IMG_0047_gold -gold-
_IMG_0072_silver -silver-
_IMG_0054_pearl -pearl-
_IMG_0053_beige -beige-



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